Graphical Ingenuity: Pleased to Meet You, Anna Soetarso!


Over five seasons of petitePARADE have passed and each season our team of designers and talent grows a bit more. Collaboratively developing great ideas, our petiteTEAM gained an extra set of eyes, ears and hands before our October 2013 show in NYC. Anna Soetarso, who’s a master in graphic design and illustrating, joined the parade and hasn’t looked back. 

The second we met Anna, alumna of Parsons The New School for Design [a petitePARADE partner], we took a liking to her free-spirited style and professional demeanor. During undergraduate studies her background in internships spanned from luxury labels, Chanel and Hermes which influenced her creative freedom in the industry. Soetarso has been an equestrian rider since 4 years old in Jakarta and rode competitively nationwide. The 22-year-old, native of Indonesia has now lived in NYC for four years.

If you’re one of petitePARADE’s Followers, you may have noticed whimsical graphics accompanying our photos on all of our social media channels. Anna’s illustrations surrounded the petitePARADE 10 Day Countdown sponsored by StyleSight and she’s helped produce content on the petitePARADE website. Anna’s inner-kid spirit makes her the perfect addition to the petitePARADE family.  

Anna, Thank You for all your hard work and for sharing your amazing talent with us. petitePARADE's digital platform and adorable illustrations have become apart of the brand and so have you! 


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