Questioning Quinoa: Our Imaginary Friend

Our first time reading about Quinoa was in an issue of Teen Vogue in which the editor identified ways to use this new it-grain as an alternative.  Furthering our research, we Googled recipes only to come across My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter— a Pinterest board based on Quinoa, an imaginary toddler girl with a major personality and tiny-tude. The board resulted in the creation of a fearless and fashion-forward toddler taking over the world one elaborate play date at a time.

We caught up with Quinoa at Ladurée in NYC. After a few sips of infused cucumber ginger water (served in a Mason jar) and color-blocked macaroons, we got to chatting...

pP: For the record... is it "quinn-OH-ah" or "kinwa?"
Q: Keen-wah.

pP:  What are three things on agenda for this summer?
Q:  Looking fabulous, reading Nietzche, and sipping infused cucumber ginger water from mason jars poolside. 

pP: Current Mood: ________?

pP: The Hampton's or The Cape?
Q: That's like asking me to choose my favorite pair of Louboutins. Next question...

pP: I could eat ________ +  ________  forever! 
Q: Kale & Shishito peppers.

pP: Best word to describe me...

pP: Favorite ice cream flavor?
Q: Cocoa Chanel. 

pP: Must-have summer essential?
Q: Attitude.

pP: Favorite fashion accessory?
Q: Inner strength/ or a part-time male model manny.

pP:  Best way to unwind after a long day....
Q: Just give me a fresh copy of Vogue and a few people to boss around and I'm happy.

After a few hours of talking trends and sharing our favorite fashion moments, it was time for us to say our bye-byes...

pP: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!
Q: Ciao! 

Leaving behind an autographed copy of her self-titled coffee table book: How To Quinoa: Life Lessons From My Imaginary Well- Dressed Daughter  she waved herself  bye-bye and said "have your people call my people."