One To Watch: Chloe Dee Cheung

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Accomplished model, Olympic hopeful and ice cream lover, Chloe Dee Cheung is the newest addition to our “Ones to Watch” series, in partnership with Lee Clower Photography and La Petite Magazine.

One of the busiest eight year olds we know, Chloe spends most days on the ice, training in figure skating for the 2022 Winter Olympics. She won her first gold in the 2014 World Recreational Team Championships and now works with a total of five coaches. 

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Chloe started modeling at the age of four. She has since featured in campaigns for Vince, Calvin Klein Jeans, Levi’s and Esprit, as well as appeared in numerous magazines including Vanity Fair, Vogue Bambini, Earnshaw’s and La Petite Magazine. Her effortlessly cool style comes across in her children’s style blog, – we love her tips on how to achieve a ‘high-low’ mix.

Modeling and ice skating are similar, both need hard work, and I can shine like a star.
— Chloe Dee Cheung
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Chloe says her dream is to become a three-time Olympian. In the meantime, she also keeps busy playing piano and enjoys reading, writing and math. But what is it that makes her the happiest? “When I get ice cream,” says Chloe. "Two big scoops of mint chocolate chip in a sprinkled cone... with gummy bears on top!" 

Photography by Lee Clower