Ones To Watch: The Cryder Kids

Photography by Lee Clower | Written by Taylor Kate for petitePARADE | Ellie in Mischka Aoki, Baylor & Hudson in looks by Mark McNairy

Photography by Lee Clower | Written by Taylor Kate for petitePARADE | Ellie in Mischka Aoki, Baylor & Hudson in looks by Mark McNairy

Three kids, all alike in dignity, in fair New York City, where we lay our scene. From Central Park East to Central Park West, the latest additions to the "Ones to Watch" series, in partnership with LaPetite Magazine & Lee Clower Photography are making waves in -- and out of -- fashion. And if Ellie, Baylor and Hudson Cryder's success before finishing middle school is any indication, they'll be around for a long time-- and we are not complaining.

Two days after being signed to her agency, Ellie Cryder was photographed for Ralph Lauren-- a job that takes some models years to book. Ellie is just that good. She has also been in ad campaigns for J. Crew, Saks Fifth Avenue, Oscar de La Renta, Juicy Couture, Brooks Brothers, American Girl, Macy's, Justice and Target. Baylor Cryder's many accomplishments include landing the cover of Vogue Bambini and working with fashion power houses Oscar de la Renta, H&M, Uniqlo, Joe Fresh and Macy's. Hudson (not the river, this one is cooler), has worked with J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Saks and Ill Gufo. Beautiful and driven, their ambitions stream far beyond the world of fashion, making them exactly the kind of kids you want to watch.

If there's a takeaway, let it be this: the kids of the "Selfie Generation" are more than alright. Prayer hands emoji in the face of anyone who thinks otherwise.

The Interview

pP: Ellie, do you remember your first job? 
Ellie: I sure do. It was Ralph Lauren. 

pP: What was that experience like? Did you learn anything on that day that you've taken with you to other shoots? 
Ellie: I was so nervous, but quickly realized that everyone was nice and that helped me relax. 
Baylor: My first job was J.Crew. I was a little nervous because i recognized kids from the catalog and wasn't sure if i knew what to do, but it was super fun and elusive. [I] shot with these kids for almost three years. 

pP: Elusive, nice vocab word. [Laughs] Hudson? 
Hudson: I did a job in Central Park for Osh Gosh and the last shot was of me with a giant frog in my overalls. 

petitePARADE: That sounds adorable. 
Hudson: I had to be super still and not touch the frog. It was so hard to smile and not be worried the frog was going to jump up in my face! 

petitePARADE: I bet! Has your older sister given you any tips or tricks that have helped you navigate the industry? 
Baylor: Not so much. We all started at the same time. We have learned more from photographers and their styles than each other. 

pP: How would you describe yourselves in one word? 
Ellie: Happy. 
Baylor: Cool. 
Hudson: Awesome.

pP: When you're not working, what do you enjoy doing with your free time? 
Ellie: I love hanging with my friends, running track and horseback riding. 
Baylor: Basketball, lacrosse and rock climbing. 
Hudson: Me too, and football. 

pP: Are there any charities or social causes that you're involved with or passionate about? I really love WWF, because they work to end elephant poaching. 
Ellie: Our whole family is really involved with Charity Water. We might go to Ethiopia in April. 

pP: No way, that's amazing! 
Ellie: We actually modeled all their kids shirts on their website too! 

pP: Hudson, if you could see the front page of a national newspaper dated, February 9, 2100, what do you think the main headline might say? 
Hudson: "New Flying Car Made That Flies Itself!" 

pP: Baylor, you've travelled outside of the country for shoots, right? 
Baylor: Yes! 

pP: Any favorite places to go? 
Baylor: The Bahamas! 

pP: Why? 
Baylor: I went with all my friends from J.Crew for five days. We shot on the beach everyday and had a "boy" house with our own pool! 

pP: That's awesome! Ok, kids, what has been your favorite shoot? 
Ellie: Justice! All the girls are so sweet, but the most fun is the Ralph Lauren Fashion Show each year. 
Baylor: My favorite is J.Crew. 
Hudson: Me too. We have the most fun and it's become like a family. 
Baylor: But we really love when we get to shoot together.