#OnesToWatch: Bella Canepa

Photography: Lee Clower | Written by: Taylor Kate

Photography: Lee Clower | Written by: Taylor Kate

It makes sense that Bella Canepa — the latest addition to the "Ones to Watch" series in partnership with La Petite MagazineLee Clower— is drawn to star-studded ensembles, because she is just that: a star. 

She is the face of Gap's campaigns and commercials, has been featured in ads for H&M, American Girl, Macy's, LL Bean (shot by Lee Clower), Disney and has starred in over ten TV commercials. And while Bella does have an impressive resume, she has her sights set high and her future plans are as bright as she is— and that's exactly what makes her "one to watch". 

If there is one comparison that could be drawn between all of the unique girls deemed "ones to watch", it's ambition. It's the very thing that has gotten each girl this far in their career, and the very thing that will keep them working for many years to come. Well, that and their gorgeous smiles— and word on the curb is Bella's got one of the best in the business.

Bella in her favorite Gap tee. 

Bella in her favorite Gap tee. 

I love the blue shirt with the big white stars— it reminded me of America!
— Bella Canepa on her favorite piece from The Gap collection

Bella is very sweet, and kind of a fairy, and she believes that a catalyst for much of her success are the people around her. Sighting Lee Clower as one of her major influences, Bella gushed about the things he's taught her behind-the-scenes. Among those she admires, Bella also mentioned the likes of Academy Award winning actress, Anne Hathaway and Disney Channel starlet, Zendeya Coleman. 

If Bella Canepa's success— and that of her influences— is any indication, Bella's future is looking bright. In fact, it's looking brighter than bright, it's looking star-lit. 

The Interview:

pP: What's your favorite part about being on a shoot?
BC: I always love getting my hair and make up done since it's something I really never spend time on.
pP: Do you remember your first shoot? 
BC: Yes, it was a shoot for Family Fun Magazine, and it was so cool.

pP: What was that experience like? 
BC: I had never been in front of the camera like that before, so it was fun and awkward, but so cool.
pP: Cool! What has been the most memorable experience in your career?
 BC: Being chosen for American Girl, having a doll that looked like me, and dressng like [the doll] was just amazing! [Laughs] Also, Lee Clower is the best. He is so fun, creative and makes me love what I'm doing. He is for sure one one of my favorite photographers. 

pP: Your Gap campaign is in stores all over the country, have you visited a store to see yourself yet? [Laughs]
BC: I have seen them! 

pP: What was it like seeing all the hard work you did pay off? 
BC: It was crazy! I was all over the store, and it was even more crazy because all my friends shop at Gap and they were coming up to me like I was some celebrity, but I am just a regular girl.

pP: What was the Gap shoot like? 
BC: A blast! I got to work with friends, and we had so much fun shooting the fire hydrant scene with the water spraying everywhere. [Laughs] 

pP: What's your favorite piece from the Gap collection? 
BC: I love the blue shirt with the big white stars— it reminded me of America!

pP: You've worked closely with Lee Clower for many years, what is something that he's taught you about being in front of or behind the camera? 
BC: Just use the light and be myself. Have fun! 

pP: When you're not working, what do you enjoy doing on your free time? 
BC: I love arts and crafts, hanging out with my family, and learning to play guitar.

pP: What do you want to be when you grow up?
BC: I would love to be an actress and model.

pP: Actresses you admire?
 BC: I would have to say Zendaya Coleman, Bella Storm and Anne Hathaway.

pP: I love Anne Hathaway! If you were in a movie, what kind of movie would it be? 
BC: Probably fantasy. I love Into the Woods, Cinderella and Malificent.

pP: What's your favorite place you've ever  visited?
BC: I love Lake Tahoe- it's just so pretty and peaceful.

pP: What are your favorite places to shop? 
BC: Target, Gap and Forever 21.

pP: If the whole world were listening to you right now, what would you say? 
BC: Just have fun and be yourself. Be kind to everyone you meet and love your family.

Bella for LL Bean Campaign shot by Lee Clower.

Bella for LL Bean Campaign shot by Lee Clower.

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