8th Edition of petitePARADE Presents Kids Fashion Week

Photography by:   Lee Clower   | Countdown Sponsored by:   Fashion Snoops

Photography by: Lee Clower | Countdown Sponsored by: Fashion Snoops

Have NO fear... the parade is here!

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1 Day Away from the Dillonger Dudes...

Dillonger / @dillongerclothing

A hallmark of modernism, Dillonger offers avant-garde fashions for children, sizes 2-10.

Journey into a world of young jet setters with lots of character…A world where possibilities are endless, imaginations are vast, and strength is enduring.

Style exudes through raw and fresh designs, blending durable and trendy fabrics, as each piece is crafted with those special details so that your child’s clothing radiates distinction, and remains as memorable as his childhood experiences.

Dillonger Brand clothing is designed for comfort and versatility, and to inspire confidence and greatness in the children of our future.

2 days away from saying "hey" & hugging it out...

IMOGA / @imogacollection 
Imoga has always sought to reinvigorate and reinterpret classic designs for children.  Imoga collection showcases proven silhouettes with exotic new materials along with new designs that’s sure to capture your hearts. Imoga believe there is wisdom in every child’s whimsy. 

Children trust their instincts. They are driven by their senses, not rules. There’s no planning, no judgment, no editing. What peaks their curiosity and catches their eye, what makes them swoon in the moment is what matters. We design with this spirit in mind.
— Designer, HJ Chung

Bonnie Young / @bonnieyoung 
Bonnie Young is an American designer who lives by a global philosophy. She infuses a nomadic glamour and timeless quality into all her pieces. Her innovative creations are artful and soulful, yet have a powerful sensibility that speaks directly to her international clientele. The Bonnie Young brand was established in 2006 while Bonnie was Senior Creative Director of Donna Karan Collection for 16 years

Hair? Check! Wardrobe? Check! Nails?....

Little BU Nail Polish / @officiallittlebu
Little BU® nail polish is the creation of born beauty enthusiast, Patricia Dente Haimes.  She spent her early years playing with hair rollers and nail polish in her mother’s salon, and eventually her passion grew into a successful career in New York City as a beauty publicist. Throughout her fifteen years of experience in the industry, she has collaborated with a number of high-profile innovators and branding experts to launch campaigns for companies such as SmashBox Cosmetics, Estée Lauder and CHANEL. Patricia recognized that a growing number of sophisticated girls are frequenting salons with their mothers and best friends for pampering manicure and pedicure services.  Identifying this growing trend amongst the budding urban sophisticates, Patricia decided to develop a safe, odourless nail polish formula that provides a salon quality finish in fashionable colours. The concept of a truly safe, odourless, non-toxic formula with a glossy finish for children has been so popular that it has transcended age parameters.

Biscotti and Kate Mack / @biscottiandkatemack
Almost thirty years ago Bernadette Reiss was vacationing in Italy with her husband, Robert Mack. It was during that vacation that she fell in love with the quality, detail and design of European children’s clothing. As a women’s wear designer, she was acutely aware that there was nothing comparable in the United States, and in 1986 the concept of BISCOTTI was born. The romantic and fashionable designs immediately captured the attention and hearts of both retailers and customers.

Today BISCOTTI stands out as an influential major player in the children’s apparel market. The innovative styling has influenced all segments and tiers of the domestic and international marketplace. The company’s vision for growth included diversifying its signature dress and sportswear collections to include swimwear, coats and baby/layette product.  BISCOTTI can be found in upscale department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, and Bloomingdale’s, as well as speciality boutiques across United States and Canada. 

Look 4ward to meeting new friends & seeing old ones...

Little Miss Galia /  @littlemissgalia
Cool little clothes for cool little ladies. Founded in 2012 by Alia Charvel, two years after her daughter, Galia, was born, Little Miss Galia became her favorite project. Galia turned into her inspiration, and her inspiration turned into a brand. 

Little Miss Galia was born to interpret fashion trends for little bodies with high quality fabrics, stylish, and timeless silhouettes.
— Alia Charvel, Designer

We work in what little girls love, what their parents like them to wear and what they will be comfortable and non-restrictive for their playful needs. 

Aria Children's Clothing / @ariachildrensclothing 
The Aria aesthetic, both modern and timeless in its appeal, draws its influence from colorful and chic creations while successfully maintaining a fresh approach to fashion.  

The concept has always been Simple, Elegant and Luxurious.
— Kathy Yang, Designer

Each piece that is designed encompasses a balance of these three key elements…one cannot exist without the other.


Confirmed! Anais & I to kick-off 8th Edition with a presentation in the park...

Anais & I / @anaisandi
Built with your children in mind, Anaïs & I, New York continues to redefine the children’s apparel industry by offering clothing that is not only functional but also fashionable, while staying true to New York influences and architecturally simplistic aesthetic. By using quality fabrics and the most innovative designs, Anaïs & I bridges the gap between what parents love to see on their kids and what kids love to wear. Your children will be able to run and jump on the playground, sit in piano lessons, and attend a special event, while wearing the same ensemble. 

This versatility comes from our passion to give you the highest quality clothing we can produce, and we stand by our product since every piece is worn, tested, and approved.
— Designer, Jane D’Haene.

Why we support The New York Foundling...

The New York Foundling / @thenyfoundling
The New York Foundling believes that all children have the right to grow up in loving and healthy environments that provide the foundations for success.

The New York Foundling believes that parents who want to care for and protect their children can be helped and, with the proper tools, can succeed.

The New York Foundling believes that all individuals with developmental disabilities deserve to live their lives with dignity.

The New York Foundling believes the devastating effects of poverty, substance abuse, violence and lack of opportunity – particularly on children and families – can be combated through the use of proven, effective support services.

The New York Foundling serves over 6,000 children and families each year in New York and Puerto Rico.

Stay happy & hydrated with Zico Coconut water!

Beverage Sponsor: Zico Coconut Water/ @zicococonut
The story of ZICO® Premium Coconut Water begins in Central America, where, while volunteering with the Peace Corps, founder Mark Rampolla took notice that the locals regularly drank sweet coconut water for replenishment.

Back in the States, in 2004, Mark left his corporate career to create ZICO Premium Coconut Water, initially selling it out of a van to New York City yoga studios. He couldn't make it quickly enough: customers were hooked on its refreshing taste and restorative qualities.

The story goes on to Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, where suppliers source coconuts from hundreds of local farmers and work directly with coconut plantations — many that have been in families for generations — to bring you simple, honest-to-goodness hydration.

The story continues with you. Zico is passionate about finding ways to help everyone achieve the balance they need throughout the day, and think ZICO's hydration benefits can be one small step towards that balance, whether you seek them out in the board room, at the kitchen table, after a run, or in a moment to yourself.

& now, a message from our media sponsors...

Editorial: La Petite Magazine / @lapetitemag
Like the strokes of a paintbrush, the desire at La Petite is to inspire you to create on the canvas of motherhood. As recalled in our childhoods, the most memorable of moments seem drenched in the smell of our grandmother’s perfume, in the bright colors of our favorite sundress, or in the nursery rhyme that we can still remember word for word…accompanied by the silly motions that were choreographed by our silly fathers. Now, we get to wear the hat of the beloved mum and the constructor of memories. La Petite's desire is that you put on this hat (dare I say it, probably a ultra chic fedora hat) with the creativity, imagination, and inspiration of a master painter. It’s your life, make it beautiful!

Trade: Earnshaw's / @earnshawsmagazine
Earnshaw’s has served as the voice of the children’s fashion industry for nearly a century. One of the longest running B2B magazines in the country, Earnshaw’s can be found on the desks of more than 15,000 children’s retailers and brand executives. Year after year, industry leaders rely on the magazine’s in-depth service features and insights into the latest news and trends. Combined with award-winning photography and graphic design, Earnshaw’s is the most influential and respected resource in children’s fashion. For more information, including the current digital edition, visit earnshaws.com.

Photo:  Lee Clower  

Photo: Lee Clower 

petitePARADE 8-Day Countdown with Lee Clower.

Official Trend Sponsor: Fashion Snoops

For fifteen years, Fashion Snoops has been successfully guiding leading brands and retailers on upcoming trends in the markets of fashion, accessories, home décor, beauty, licensing, and consumer products. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices spanning the globe. 
Fashion Snoops roots are in childrenswear.  President and Chief Innovation Officer Lilly Berelovich and CEO Itay Arad, co-founded the company in 2000 when Berelovich, a former childrenswear /junior contemporary designer, saw a need for global trend information to be more readily available.    

We are thrilled to sponsor the Kids Fashion Week, petitePARADE and Fashion Snoops share the vision that childrenswear deserves specialized, focused attention as well as its own exclusive stage to showcase the latest innovations.
— President, Lilly Berelovich

Since 2000, Fashion Snoops has grown and evolved, and now tracks cultural shifts and consumer lifestyles in addition to fashion.  This holistic view of trends enables Fashion Snoops to help clients innovate with confidence.  The tools, access and advice that Fashion Snoops provides leads to a clear pathway from culture to product, empowering leading brands to move ahead of the pack, and to design and market innovative products to fit ever-changing consumer needs.


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