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petiteGUESTS Put The 'CHOOL' In "SCHOOL"


We spotted these trendsetting tots (and not-so-tot) entering petitePARADE, Kids Fashion Week in NYC and stopped to ask them for three adjectives that describe their personal style.

A few funky's, fresh, and prep's later... and viola!... meet the kids that will 'school you' at Style101.

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March to The Beat of The #petitePARADE Drum!


As we approach the 7th edition of petitePARADE, Kids Fashion Week we reunited with petiteFRIENDS that have grown with us through the seasons. 

Here comes the parade!

Behind The Scenes

Director of Photography 
Kim Myers Robertson

Film & Editing

Annie Caruso

Hair Stylist
Sean Michael Bennett

Make up Artist 
Yuko Mizuno / Rona Represents

Jerome Lagarrigue Studio, Red Hook

Ava, Bianca, Jules, Legend, Marley, Oscar, Rafi, Roman, & Tristin & Tyler

AKID, Alivia SimoneAtsuyo et Akiko, East Lafayette StreetESP no. 1Feather 4 ArrowLa Miniatura, Mini Rodini, Munster Kids, Stella McCartney Kids, NUNUNU, IMOGA, Rowdy Sprouts, RUUM, Native Shoes, Milk on the Rocks, Wolf & Rita  

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One To Watch: Mary Lynn Clark


There's something about Mary- Mary Lynn Clark, that is- the newest addition to our "Ones to Watch" series, in partnership with La Petite Magazine and Lee Clower Photography.

Photography by Lee Clower.

The 10-year-old from New Jersey signed with Zuri Model and Talent last year after her father submitted her photograph. Mary's career highlights include walking in the most recent Ralph Lauren children's fashion show, where she loved meeting Alicia Keys, and hitting the catwalk for designer Mischka Aoki.

Photography by Lee Clower.

Mary has also been photographed for magazine editorials, including La Petite Magazine, and for brands such as Aria Children's clothing and Chaps. Mary describes herself as "creative and athletic." When she's not in front of the camera, she is happy baking cupcakes, swimming and teaching herself gymnastics. 

Photography by Lee Clower.

When I model, I feel happy and unstoppable!
— Mary Lynn Clark

Mary Lynn Clark hugs friend Zuzanna Tarnacki.

When asked to name someone who inspires her, Mary's answer was Cake Boss Buddy Valastro- she said she dreams of owning a bakery when she grows up, as well as being a successful model.

Help Kallio Build-A-Workshop!


They say the clothes make the (wo)man but what happens to those clothes when they are no longer cool or just don’t fit anymore? 

Designer Karina Kallio locally sources high quality fabrics and then cuts each garment by hand. 

Karina Kallio is the designer of Kallio, a consciously minded kidswear brand based in Brooklyn, New York. Working in fashion for 10 years exposed Karina to the amount of waste created as an industry, with roughly 85% of misused textile ending up in landfills.

With Kalio, Karina saw an opportunity to help fashion create a cleaner and better future for the next generation by creating a modern-classic kidswear line made entirely from repurposed men's shirts.   

We give love and attention to the quality of our designs to create modern-classics that kids can be kids in.
— Karina Kallio, Designer

The Kallio Workshop

Kallio has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money for their Brooklyn-based retail space. The store will be utilized to host a series of workshops where artists and designers will teach sustainable art techniques. It will also be the new home to Kallio and other like-minded brands that will be given the opportunity to "pop-up" shop on a monthly basis. 

Become a part of the solution to a more conscious way of living... one baby bloomer at a time! 

What Lily Likes...


Meet Carolina Zapf and her family... 

Lily, Carolina, Nicholas, and Sophie photographed by Eric Striffler

Lily, Carolina, Nicholas, and Sophie photographed by Eric Striffler

Sitting far left is little Lily, and like most kids her age she aspires to follow in mommy's footsteps. Carolina Zapf is the founder of CZ and Baby CZ clothing companies and focuses on heirloom quality children's wear in rich, cozy materials such as cashmere, linen & cotton. 

Lily is no stranger to the world of fashion and design, spending endless hours at the studio helping her mother finalize swatches, edit color selections, and run the family business. 

When she's not in school or at the office, Lily J. is cutting-out pieces of children's magazines and piecing together mood boards with some of her favorite trends and color stories.  

When asked about her favorite fall items, Lily J. took it upon herself to present her ideas rather than speak them out loud...  

Shop What Lily Likes... in a dedicated edition of petitePICKS as curated by Lily J.

One To Watch: Lily Chee


The beautiful and energetic Lily Chee is the latest addition to our "Ones to Watch" series, in partnership with La Petite Magazine and Lee Clower. 

Lily Chee | Photography: Lee Clower

Lily Chee | Photography: Lee Clower

Discovered by her Wilhelmina agent while grocery shopping at Fairway (in the potato aisle) with her dad last year, Lily is a fast rising star. She has shot campaigns for Nike, Target, Esprit, Kohl's, Levi's, Uniqlo, Saks and more. 

Lily Chee | Photography: Lee Clower

Lily Chee | Photography: Lee Clower

Fashion and art made a huge impact on my life, learning about photography and styling has been really exciting!
— Lily Chee

She also plays on the highly competitive SABA Brooklyn Barca girls travel soccer team…And she loves to win. "I like to be the heart of the team - being with my friends and winning"

Lily Chee | Photography: Lee Clower

Lily Chee | Photography: Lee Clower

She also takes multiple dance classes a week, from ballet to hip hop. The name Lily is short for Liling, a name given to her by her grandmother. It means a beautiful flower stands tall on the peak - how fitting.