Interview with DJ Kai Song

Photography by Kymberly Marciano

Photography by Kymberly Marciano

“For my second sit down interview series I chose a VERY special and inspiring kid that I had an encounter with last fall at thePetite Parade & Vogue Bambini kids fashion week. He caught my eye immediately with his BIG headphones and a true zest for all things music..he is, DJ Kai Song! His charisma and passion for music is the real deal, mentored by his father Lars from a very early age, DJ Kai Song  lights up the room with his superstar mixes!  I decided to get a look inside his world, what inspires him and what he plans to do in the future…HE Rocks!”


KYMBERLY MARCIANO: First and foremost, what do you want to be when you grow up?!

DJ KAI: A professional DJ/music producer/singer.

KM: What was the first song you can remember listening to, and how did it make you feel?

DJ KAI: Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. It made me feel happy and made me want to sing.

KM: How did you learn to be a DJ?!

DJ KAI: My papa is a DJ and he owns a DJ equipment rental company, so our house was always full of DJ equipment.  When I was 2,3 years old I started playing with the DJ-player and mixer and then I asked my papa about it and then he taught me.

KM: What’s on your current playlist?

DJ KAI: Tiësto: United, Zedd: Clarity, Krewella: Alive”

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