“Kids Fashion is All About Fun!” (and we couldn’t have said it better!)

“Fashion has long been associated with personality and it’s common knowledge that attire speaks volumes about the person underneath the fabric. It tunes into an individual’s interests, political and social standing, as well as aspirations.

Never before have we had such variety and freedom, and when it comes to fashion, pretty much anything goes.

One particular sector of the market, children’s wear, is seeing rapid growth and according to The Telegraph, in the UK alone it’s estimated to be worth a staggering £500 million.” says Louisa Daniels from the UK edition of the Huffington Post.

Louisa continues mentioning: “Sure, children need space to discover who they are, but fashion doesn’t need to get in the way of that. In fact I would argue that it supports it by creating a space for style discovery. Oh, and just for the record, it’s entirely up to parents how much they want to spend on clothes for their children.”

Her conclusion is to the T and we couldn’t have said it better: “Ultimately, children’s fashion is a fun and exciting place, and it’s intended to be a happy space for play, so let’s not forget that when we get too grown-up thinking about the costs and if there are any psychological implications, that’s all about common sense and balance.” Affordable fashion is spreading across the globe; allowing our mini-me’s to have great style without breaking the bank. Just remember that special event can be reason enough for a bit more of a splurge on that handsome suit or perfect dress for your little one.

“Whereas the fashion bit, that’s all about the fun!”

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