petitePICKS for Spring Showers


Don’t let spring showers keep you indoor, check out our petitePICKS for stylish, weather-friendly accessories! If only panda’s could keep us dry all season, we’d all look adorable! This umbrella is a go-to for shielding your mini-me’s from a rainy day, whether under a bucket hat or not!

Another spring must have: the taupe raincoat by Burberry is not only so adorable, but easy-to-pair with Funky Legs tights that are comfy, cute and perfect for the cool evenings. So when the rain starts hitting your window, stay dry, throw on your gear and keep a grip on the street while color blocking with The Original Muck lace-up rain boots. Rain, rain…maybe you should stick around.

1. Burberry Little Girls Packable Skirted Trenchcoat ($295.00)

2. The Original Muck Boot Company ($24.99):

3. Panda Umbrella ($13.50)

4. Funky Legs Rain Drop Tights

5. Kangol Kids Rain Casual Hat – ($27.75)