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Behind the Lens with Zoe Berkovic: petitePARADE at Children's Club

"When I showed up the kids and the backstage energy just blew me away! I took out my flash, found a space in middle of the action where I can pull the kids aside, and just let these beautiful little people with tremendous souls be themselves in front of my camera."

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Fashion of Tomorrow

They are the Fashion Designers of Tomorrow: Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, Meredith Braum & Soo Yeon Lim all graduated from Parsons School of Fashion and concentrated on childrenswear. Get to know a bit more about them and their impeccable, innovative and unique work upon graduating. 

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For the Sophisticated Palate

Danielle Steckler, founder of Paper Palate, found time to sit down and chat about cooking indoors and around a campfire. Sharing her kitchen with friends - laughing, getting their hands dirty and being together "are the best times we have" said Danielle. "Life is just too fast these days so slowing down to cook a meal together is precious."

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